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(NOTE: The following information reflects the Super6Power Team as of May 2016. Developments since then have caused many changes in what the Team does and offers. Therefore, this page is being rewritten to reflect those changes as they develop and become embedded as part of the Team’s charter.)

The Beginning

In the latter half of 2008, the original Jerky Direct was recovering from an internal reorganization.Peg Phillips and Donna Soffen (distributors who had joined in late 2005) needed a new marketing system. The groundwork for Super6Power began.

At that time, lead capture pages, which the corporate website does not provide, had become an important part of online marketing systems. Moreover, there was also the matter of what to do with Jerky University, Peg’s collection of training material.

The Development

Peg and Donna created landing pages that would both capture information from subscribers AND give them a free tour of the marketing system. In addition, they also created a separate membership site for distributors who Registered for Team membership. This membership portal would contain the valuable training material from Jerky University, and other tools and resources.

They named their system “Super6Power”, by combining the names of two teams they had belonged to, the Super6 Team and the JD Power team.

Staff Addition

It was probably January 2009, when they had their system almost ready to go, that they approached Rob Dunn to join them. Rob had joined Jerky Direct in April 2005 and had built a team from scratch. He had also done a lot of website building for his team.

Peg and Donna apparently thought Rob would provide some webmastering and creative writing skills to their new system. (They might have also felt guilty for using much of his material to build their own teams! LOL)

The Launch

So in March 2009, Super6Power was launched and was immediately well received. There have been many tweaks and updates to the system since, but Super6Power continues to perform admirably. Rob took over as webmaster when Peg left to deal with medical issues.

All Jerky Direct members in the Team downline are eligible to join Super6Power, but they have to Register to actually become members. Registration is free and includes:

  • a personalized lead capture/tour invitation page (with attached tour)
  • personalized autoresponder messages that go out to tourtakers
  • access to our password-protected Members Support Center, including Jerky University
  • 24/7 access to Team Support via email, voicemail, Facebook Messenger, etc.

All the above is free to all distributors who Register. Several other webmaster-intensive items are available for a small fee. These include the addition of a photo to the tour invitation page and access to over 20 extra personalized niche pages.


As you might guess, all of this is covered in the free web tour from the lead capture pages that our members use. If you have an interest in finding out more, kindly sign up for the tour at (website not active) and enjoy!