About Jerky Direct – The Company

Jerky Direct  Jerky Direct

Originally, Jerky Direct began operations in 2004 as a meat snacks producer, based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In February 2005, the company opened to the public and offered only 10 selections of Premium meat snacks.

Before closing its doors in June 2016, the original company carried a total of 39 regular selections. Specifically, among those 39 were 4 kinds of Fruit Stix, Turkey Strips for Pets, and 34 varieties of Chicken, Pork, Beef, Buffalo, and Turkey jerky.

In October 2016, Jerky Direct reopened for business. Starting over, the new company has a new owner, new website, new products, new marketing and new training. As of June 2017, the new company has all-natural Beef Jerky in 5 flavors (Original, Teriyaki, Mesquite Smoked, Sriracha,and Hot Chili Lime) and is testing a second (grass-fed) Beef Jerky line in two flavors (Original and Peppered).

Currently, twin packs (two bags of the same flavor) and sampler packs are available to customers. Affiliates can also get the twin and sampler packs PLUS cases (single flavor or a combo).

What the new company DID keep, however, was the basic concept of ‘Keeping It Super Simple”!

  1. Product – everyone understands jerky!
  2. Payplan – you earn it, you get it.
  3. Marketing Plan – start with the 3to30K plan and go as far as you want.

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