Asimov - Assumptions

Assumptions – What If They Are Wrong?


Since we’re talking about assumptions, remember the old saying about the word ‘ASSUME’?

A full-grown elephant 'assumes' it cannot break the chains
A full-grown elephant ‘assumes’ it cannot break the chains because it was trained as a baby with chains.

Well, if you ‘assume’ something, that saying would be more about U than ME.

On the other hand, if I should ‘assume’ something, it would be more about ME that U. Right?

So what are assumptions? In short, they are unproven beliefs that we operate with in our daily lives. Someone says something and, even if there is no proof, the logic seems sound or we hear it repeated so often that we take it as a fact.

Watch this short video I made to touch on some of the things we have assumed in the past. At the end I offer you a free resource that might explain it better.

Here’s the link again that I gave at the end of the video:

These 3 free videos you will find at the link are by Mark Januszewski, a renowned trainer in the Network Marketing industry. Comment below any other common things you have assumed that you are now aware of as being wrong!


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