3 Steps to Get Yourself off to a Great Start

Start Right

3 Things to Do to Start Right

TIP: You should really consider building your business like you would build your dream house. That is, Start Right by knowing exactly what it is going to look like BEFORE you start digging a hole. Or bringing even one 2×4 board to the site.

(Kindly set aside the next hour to do this for yourself!)

In this post I want you to do 3 things, in the order I give them to you. These 3 steps will get you off to a great start and virtually ensure your success. Remember – This whole process will take you about an hour. However, it will be the Most Important hour you spend if you want to succeed!

First, watch this video by Ray Higdon on the importance of writing down your goals (about 12:50):

Second, when you understand what Ray is saying, then take a few more minutes to listen to Earl Nightingale‘s superb audio about The Strangest Secret (about 38:00):

Thirdly, at the end of the audio, listen for the action step to take – and Take It! Completing the Personal Mission Statement Builder takes you 5-15 minutes to do and it will bring everything together for you.

If you take the initiative to go through these 3 Steps to Start Right, you will have set yourself up for nearly immediate Success!

Finally, be sure to comment below and then share this with your friends, partners, downline, or anybody you want to see succeed.

To Your BEST!

Rob Dunn

Hi, I'm Rob Dunn, a former Kansas farmboy and retired USAF officer living in Korea and working my US-based home business over the Internet. I love Network Marketing and supporting our Team members.