Value vs “It’s too expensive!”

One of the biggest fears of Network Marketers, who aren’t projecting VALUE, is coming face-to-face with this statement from prospects –

“It’s so expensive!” Right?

You and I both know that many, if not most, products sold through the Network Marketing/MLM model are more expensive than store brands. And we know that most people will place higher emphasis on the cost of our products than on what we tell them about all the benefits our products offer them – IF WE LET THEM!

So what’s a Network Marketer to do to avoid hearing those dreaded three words? “It’s too expensive!”

First of all, get in the right mindset. You are NOT selling store brands. You are NOT representing the cheapest item on the market. Instead, you ARE selling Premium Products. You ARE representing items of high VALUE in a world of mediocre products!

Secondly, NIP their objections in the bud, right away! And I mean Right Away – before they ever get to say “But that’s so much more expensive than what I can get at Costco!”

Here’s a quick script (extrapolated from a video by Kim Klaver) to use when someone asks what you do:

“I represent and sell the highest quality Premium All Natural Jerky to people who…

(pick one)

  • are conscientiously watching what their family eats.
  • value better, healthier snacks for themselves or their family.
  • prefer gluten-free and/or organic products.
  • are tired of getting so many chemicals in their food.
  • prefer knowing that their jerky came from conscientious ranchers rather than commodity meat auctions.

(and follow with this statement)

Do you know anyone like that who might be interested in learning about our jerky?”

By using this script, you will immediately increase the perceived VALUE of our products in your prospect’s mind and they will automatically realize that the price may be a bit higher than what they are used to. They will actually be reluctant to say the dreadful three words! This should also allow you to determine if your prospect is a fit for further engagement.

If they DO NOT SAY something like

  • “Hey, I might be interested. Tell me more.” or
  • “Sure, my friend is an athlete and he is always griping about the chemicals in food.” or
  • “My sister was complaining yesterday about not being able to find healthy snacks for her kids.”,

then change the subject to something they are interested in (themself?) and enjoy your chat.

Take the script above, with whatever option in the second part you prefer, and write it down. Memorize it (it’s short!) and use it in any conversation where your occupation comes up.

Find those who have the VALUES that are compatible with the products you represent and make more sales and get more people interested in joining you in this business. Happy sorting!

Hi, I'm Rob Dunn, a former Kansas farmboy and retired USAF officer living in Korea and working my US-based home business over the Internet. I love Network Marketing and supporting our Team members.