Sponsor ‘Em Right!

What do the words sponsor, respond/response and responsibility have in common?

Actually, they all have their origin from the Latin spondere, which means ‘to pledge’ or ‘to promise’.

In earlier times, a master craftsman would ‘sponsor’ an apprentice, taking on the responsibility to teach, train, respond to questions, and, in many instances, provide room and board for a young person.

These days there are two main meanings for the word ‘sponsor’. I’m sure you know many sponsors of organizations, events, sports teams, etc. In this use, the sponsor ‘pledges’ to provide financial assistance to the person, group, event they are sponsoring.

The military makes use of the second meaning by assigning sponsors to provide assistance to newcomers, helping to introduce the newcomer to the unit and the support facilities available. In the best scenario, the sponsor would be in contact with the newly assigned person well before they even arrive. By getting to know the needs, interests and expectations of the newcomer, the sponsor helps make the transition into the new assignment smooth and pleasurable.

In Network Marketing, a sponsor does much the same thing. As a sponsor to a new enrollee, your primary job is to quickly give him/her the ‘lay of the land’ – enough info about the product, company, opportunity, pay plan, resources and support system to get them up and running.

One of the most important functions of sponsoring Network Marketers is to SORT them by their intentions (being a customer or distributor), their willingness to learn, and their level of activity. All of these allow you to find the ones you need to focus most of your sponsoring on.

Obviously, one of the first things most of them will want to know is how to enroll people that they can sponsor. Ray Higdon insists that the most effort, at the start for sure, is to learn how to recruit people, i.e., how to get them to enroll. Todd Falcone refers us to the salesperson method of ‘recruiting’ – Tell, Show, Try, and Do.

Tell your newbie how you enrolled them (and others).

Show them what you do, i.e., do it with them watching.

Let them Try to do what you do – and give them pointers where needed.

Allow them to Do it! (And be sure to give them proper recognition when they deserve it!)

As you focus on your ‘promise’ to help them and deliver on that promise by teaching them all you know and what you do, you will, in turn, develop a good team of Sponsors who do the same thing. Before long, your team is growing and expanding, all without your personal involvement in their progress. (This allows you yourself to continue recruiting and sponsoring more good people!)

So, here’s to being a great Sponsor! Your best is within you – let it out!

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Hi, I'm Rob Dunn, a former Kansas farmboy and retired USAF officer living in Korea and working my US-based home business over the Internet. I love Network Marketing and supporting our Team members.