Execution - Key 3 to Success

Execution – Key #3 to Success

Execution - Keys to Success #3  Key #3

The final key of the 3 Keys to Success that I learned about in a webinar I recently listened to by Tony Jeary is Execution. In case you missed my earlier posts, start with Clarity – Key #1 to Success.

The 3d/final of the 3 Keys to Success is Execution!

As I discussed, once you have Key #1 – Clarity – and know exactly what you want to become, it is only natural that you migrate to Key #2 – Focus – where you concentrate on those things that will take you towards your Vision of your new life.

In the same way, once you Focus intently on what you want to achieve and who you want to become, it is natural to want to do something that will move you to your Vision.

This is where you pull yourself out of the dream, away from your Vision Board, up from your chair, and you go ‘get your hands dirty’. It’s Execution time – it’s time to ACT!

No matter how much Clarity you have or how much Focus you have on your Vision, nothing will happen to bring you into your new self or life unless you put Key #3 on your success key ring!

You have to get up and put one step forward. Then the next. Just like you did before.

Execution is Key #3

Remember? You wanted to win once and you did, right? (Hopefully, you ‘won’ more than once, too!) And YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN! You can win at anything you want, anytime you want, and in any part of your life you want.

Get your key ring out now and get ready – put on the first key – Clarity. Envision the life you want to live and the person you want to become.

Then grab the second key – Focus. Let your Vision become real in your mind. Use your Vision Board to help you ‘see’ yourself in that future you want.

Then slip on Key #3 – Execution. Put ‘skin in the game’ and stop watching from the bleachers! Whatever you want, whoever you want to be IS possible for you. Reach out in the direction of your Focus and take a step. Let your Clarity guide you, motivate you, inspire you and use your Focus to drive you forward one step at a time. With each step, for the first few steps anyway, you probably need to look around and make sure your Vision is still out in front of you and not off to one side or the other.

Then just keep going!

I wish you the best, always.

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