Routines Determine Your Successes

Any business (and most jobs) requires that you follow certain routines in order to accomplish the tasks needed to get you from Opening time to Closing time.

Take for example stocking a grocery store.

You clock in and put on your stocker’s smock and immediately walk through the sections of the store that you are responsible for stocking. You make note of what areas need stocked immediately and the priorities of what needs stocked throughout the shift.

You then go to the stockroom and inventory your stock, pulling what needs to be stocked. If a delivery arrives, you may have to move products into the stockroom and put them in the right place.

You stock the most important areas first and mentally plan out the rest of your stocking duties.

In other words, you have a routine to follow in order to get done everything that needs to be done before your shift is over.

It’s EXACTLY how you need to operate your Jerky Direct business. In order to be successful, you need to set up and FOLLOW routines, ones┬áthat will incrementally increase your marketing exposure so that more and more people learn to Know, Like, and Trust you and come to you to do business with you.

Whether you are marketing the jerky or the opportunity, whether you market online or offline, you need to have routines so that you maximize your time and your potential results.

It’s a fact – to do any task successfully, you need to follow a procedure, a plan, a routine in order to get from A to B to C to D.

Listen to my 3-minute tip on why you need to have a routine:

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Til next time!

Hi, I'm Rob Dunn, a former Kansas farmboy and retired USAF officer living in Korea and working my US-based home business over the Internet. I love Network Marketing and supporting our Team members.