Making Money with a Blog Like This – a Review

I recently found out about internet millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker. I was blasting through a bunch of emails I get, ignoring most of them because they aren’t worth my time to read a second time (yes, I read most emails once when I see them the first time).

Then I saw his email about a course he was offering on “how to make money online” that would be different than his other products. He said that people would usually buy his products and, even though the content was good, very few people ever logged in more than 3 times and did anything.

I was intrigued when he claimed not only would this be free but he would pay me for accomplishing tasks as I went through his new course. Short story, I signed up. I very seldom sign up for anything anymore but I was curious to see what his angle was more than anything else. (I usually get the first email back or get sent to a website and immediately unsubscribe!)

The first task in the course was drop-dead/no-brainer simple. I immediately received a dollar, instantly sent to my Paypal. and yet I never paid him anything.

I continued going through the course, setting up this website. He showed me about installing a theme, then installing plugins, etc etc. Pretty soon he had sent me $3. So by now, I was hooked!

Jeremy walks you through setting up everything step-by-step (and paying you as you accomplish the tasks), but the fun part is that he also has his whole system based on achieving ‘belt’ ranks just like in a martial arts school.

paypal-screenshotOf course, actually getting money for completing steps was fun (more fun than paying for a course!) but in the end, I had a great blog with all the key plugins, a pretty nice-looking Facebook page and a email newsletter ready for subscribers.

It is sort of like a fun game of Monopoly now where not only am I winning but I will get to keep whatever I win for real! In the end, you have something of real value.

Again, I never paid him a single buck. I could keep waiting for the hammer to fall – but I now know there truly is no hammer!

If you have ever shied away from doing a blog or Facebook page, give this a try! When you make your first dollar in five minutes, you will be as hooked as I was/am.

I just want to say “Thanks, Jeremy!”  Click here to get in on Jeremy’s course, too!

Hi, I'm Rob Dunn, a former Kansas farmboy and retired USAF officer living in Korea and working my US-based home business over the Internet. I love Network Marketing and supporting our Team members.